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Originally Posted by ttrinh9 View Post
So I just completed the oil pan gasket DIY yesterday. Applied rtv sealant on all corners. I think it's still leaking, but quicker this time. I didn't use a torque wrench but I tightened all 21 bolts til it felt snug but didn't too much because I didn't want to strip anything. Any inputs??
It's hard to tell why your sump gasket is leaking after it was replaced, with just the information provided...

Is it leaking all the way around the gasket, or just at the joints where you applied RTV sealant? Any photo's?

I found a small amount of oil around the gasket after I finished the job, but knew that it was the residual old oil that had leaked from the interior of the engine and onto the mating surfaces, as I was installing the new gasket (i.e. could tell by the color).

As I mentioned in the DIY, given that I didn't have the luxury of being able to leave the car up on stands for a few days to let all the old oil drip out and had to finish the job in a day; I literally found it impossible to get the mating surfaces clean. Hence why there was a bit of residual oil around, that had also made it into the RTV sealant on the low side of the gasket - not an ideal combination.

I used Permatex Ultra Black(R) RTV gasket maker from a brand new tube and bought a Bruss Oil Pan Gasket (although now that I think about it, the brand on the package was actually Meistersatz).

Insufficient torque on the oil pan bolts sounds like the most probable cause, if it is leaking all the way around (or the heaviest on the low side of the gasket). I used a torque wrench and tightened the oil pan bolts in a criss-cross pattern.

Hope that helps.
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