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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
Jeebus, it's Sunday night and you probably won't get many responses over the weekend so take a chill pill.

The VANOS seals will likely address your hesitation issues. Also check out the DISA valve, ICV, intake track, throttle body for sticking, and clean the MAF.

Vibration from the rear and hesitation are usually not related. Have you checked your rear diff for proper fluid level? How about your rear CV axle boots? Rear trailing arm bushings (RTABs) often contribute to vibration from the rear as well.

Go check this stuff out and report back.
Thanks for the info.

I guess the actual word I was looking for was vibration not really hesitation.
Im pretty sure my VANOS is the not the culprit.

Forgot to mention also RTABS I replaced last December 2011.

Everything you state to check on is already done/replaced.

Like I stated, my vibration seems to come from OUTSIDE temperature no matter what my engine temperature is at.

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