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Originally Posted by Teddy7 View Post
This isn't for those people who want computer straight alignment. Just pay the 80 bucks or whatever it is and get it done right. I just slide my car around a lot and usually buy used pairs of tires more often than whole sets of 4, so getting alignments all the time isn't really worth it to me. I had a slight pull to the right, but also some decent tramlining after putting my 18's on. This is usually common with cars that already had alignment issues. People think the wheels caused the issues but it's usually the wider tires just allowing the driver to notice, already evident, alignment problems. I started by giving just my right wheel toe-in. After a couple small adjustments my car was driving straight and now tramlining in both directions evenly instead of favoring right. Meaning both front wheels now needed even toe-in adjustment to improve straight line stability. After a few even adjustments to each side. Car is driving straight and true better than ever before. I caution if you don't do anything in your car, and go through tires at a normal extended rate, just go get an alignment. This is for those people who have tramlining issues, or a slight pull and don't want to get an alignment on used sets of tires. I drive my car hard and throw it into corners pretty rough, so I don't care to have it perfect. My car has no abnormal wear issues and can make tires last if I drive it normal. All I'm saying is I expect to make adjustments every time I get new tires, which I'm okay with. It literally takes me 10 minutes to adjust the toe from the time I turn off my car to the time I'm turning the key to go on a test drive.
I have a slight pull to the right also.
What are you doing to adjust yours?

(I have no experience with alignment or toe.)

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