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On 10/15 My buddy scanned the car and erased everything. On 10/19 I filed the maf connections and made sure of tightness. Car failed almost immediately on way home from work. On 10/20 I scanned again with my friend Karl driving using top of the line scanner with BMW specific software trying to look at live data during a failure. Of course, car did not fail. Between clearing it on the 15'th and checking on the 20'th, I had 2 failures. The only code that came back was iac motor (generic p1500 and BMW code 211). I have since learned that the computer actually runs regular tests of the iac motor USING the maf signal to verify that the motor is off or closed. While doing the live scan, I could not see anything that looked irregular with the maf signal. It seemed to fluctuate with a fairly predictable sweep along with pedal pressure. I'm going to clean the rest of the connections in question next and check for tightness to see if I can change anything. I'm frustrated by a lack of symptoms, I wish the thing would either not start, or idle like sh.. , or miss, ANYTHING!
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