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Originally Posted by dreyo27 View Post
Ok so recently I had some spare time and took the shocks off due to annoying chatter....
Here is the issue with them (i have my car at stock ride Height)
-the passenger shock, on the bottom, where a small tube goes inside the big tube under compression there is a plastick round black thingy, and below it is a nut with 4 holes on top of it... it got loose and the shock portion was moving up and down inside the frame of the shock itself... (video coming tomorrow)
-the passenger side the springs are the issue, at the end where the last coil is welded to the previous coil, the weld broke, and the sring actually started unwinding (both the small and the big spring) so if you grab the top spring (little one) and wiggle it side to side there is chatter as it contacts the top spring perch cide walls on the inside.. when welded it was a tight fit, now it wiggles side to side...
Also there is a thump in the back, but i am not going to blame the shocks just yet.
how should the top hat be assembled?
Because if you do the original setup like,
Big cone washer-top hat - small cone washer - then there isn't enough room for the bolt, so i am running without the bottom cone washer!

Over all, you get what you paid for... i am probably going to replace them soon.... lucky for me I do my own work so I didnt have to pay somebody to install them and remove them 3 times....
Please contact me as I want to find out more about the issues you are having. I am cover these under warranty or get you a return label and 100% refund.
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