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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
If you have no experience with alignment, you should not be even thinking about touching anything.

OP, I have a question for you. Did you adjust front toe or rear toe?

I have some followup comments depending on your answer.
I agree I wouldn't necessarily go messing with things if you don't have some type of knowledge related to alignment. Yes I adjusted front toe, yet the back is equally important. I know there are many things that can make the alignment off. RTABs, etc. However, I'm not concerned with it being perfect as I've said before. I could visually see my front wheels had too much toe out before I made any adjustments. Yes, my rear alignment may have been causing the right pull, but I highly doubt it. I wasn't, and still am not, experiencing irregular wear issues of any kind. This isn't me telling people to do their own alignments, because you'll never beat the perfection of a computer program. This is just to let people know that it's rather simple to make these adjustments on our cars if they aren't super anal about their alignment or if they have a couple thousand miles left on their tires but don't want to get an alignment before they buy a new set. Only explaining myself, because I highly doubt you are going to enlighten me about something I'm not already aware of. Nevertheless, I'm all ears.
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