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Originally Posted by Hockeyman17 View Post
I wouldn't worry about that. She might just have a defence wall up. Feed her some liquor at dinner and she will be pole vaulting in no time
maybe. We met through mutual friends and fb chatted and text a lot over the last few weeks. Both of us were super busy and I hinted at hanging out but never set anything definite up until the other day. My one friend said dude maybe she wants an official date so I just went for it and texted her "dinner next wed, lets do it" she replied with "in" within a minute. I was actually with her and some of our friends a little earlier that night and was trying to read her. she seemed into it and I didnt want to waste anymore time so I just asked her lol. I wouldn't be surprised if she cancels though lol. I'm not the "dating" type. Most girls I hang out with come out with me and my friends and just end up back at my house. I guess it's a good thing she isn't moving too fast.

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