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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
Gotcha, you are much more grown up than I ever plan on being! Big props for being a man! I think the M5 will be a lot more money, to maintain. Do you have time to do a project? Could you buy a nice E36 m3 and toss a small turbo on it and call it a day?
I don't want that kind of project.

Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
Well my point remains that you wont be happy with anything less than the car you had, so why even waste a dime trying?

My vote still goes for a cheap car you can throw around on a track and not care if it breaks.
That's what the chump car will be for. I need a fun car I can daily and push to the limits on the track. I guess it's not all about lap times but pushing my abilities as a driver and continuing to learn.
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