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Originally Posted by metal massager View Post
So i put on 150-200 miles a day on my e46 325. @$4.00 a gallon, that's some serious $$$$$. I get about 25 mpg (was 27 and dropped 2 when I put the 19's on....ouch, but worth it for the look)

Have seen that remapping can help mpg(as long as you stay off the throttle) what about exhaust and Cai?....anyone have experience????? Other ideas???? Even small gains are worth $$$ @ 40k mikes a year......even 1 mpg increase can result in 60 gallons a year savings. Thanks
Let me get this right, you want to save 240 dollars in gas a year. Ok, In order to make that mod worth the money spent. You will need to spend less than 240 dollars on the said mod. Or keep this car for over 2 years.. I recommend gutting your car, everything. Less weight = mpg! Then sell everything you took off the car to get you some 17s and keep the tire psi at 45. Less rolling resistance, then wait this thread is over less than a dollar a day?!? SKIP Mcdonalds twice a week, there ya go!

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