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Still no heat

I identified the wire on the back of the climatge control panel and checked it with a volt meter. The voltage does not change. I have a constant 12v give or take. I also checked the wire with an ohm meter to make sure that I had the right wire.

After identifying the wire and checking the voltage, I bought a used control panel. Still the same problem, no heat, and still the same voltage. 12v no matter where the temp setting was set at.

To be sure I did not have a second control panel that was bad, I went to the auto recycler and tried a third panel. Same problem - 12v from the climate control panel to the heat control valve at all times. The signal does not change.

I have checked the wiring to the heat control valve. I am getting 12v from the fuse.

With the wires plugged into the heat control valve I get no heat. Once I unplug that wire, the valve opens and I get plenty of heat.

Any other suggestions?

Thank You
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