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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
I understand you have waited a long time. Why not wait a few more weeks? Get this done right? Maybe the shop you are working with doesn't want your car to run on pro-efi or lacks the in house talent to deliver your needs. What are the chances of you calling another shop, that has the in house talent/relationship with those that can recode the stock DME? This is just my opinion. I also have no idea what I'm talking about. GL man, everyone wants to see the Z get love.

I have never had anyone try to solve this issue on my car.

I dont have the budget to sacrifice my car to solve this problem. The car has never seen any effort to solve this. I waited for HPF and Pro-efi to solve it but they were both unsuccessful.

i can wait 2 weeks even 2 more months but who no one can guarantee this. It may take 6 more months and still go nowhere.

Thats why i choose the e46 m3 ecu and HPF/AEM ecu route. This is the proven method which is guaranteed to work.
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