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Originally Posted by wlmmn View Post
Well excuse me Mr. Rolls Eyes and Bangs Head Against Brick Wall, I was looking for a more in-depth answer than that. Saying "They are losing in life. You are winning" oversimplifies it to the conclusion that we're better because we own BMWs and everyone picks on BMW owners because they are nice cars to own, hence acting out of jealousy.

No. Sorry, that's not a satisfying answer that lends itself to interesting discussion, which is what I was after when I started this thread. So to me, that didn't answer the question. If you feel it's been answered, then you have nothing further to contribute to this discussion, so please leave.

Point being, there's other nice car marquees out there whose owners don't get this negative portrayal in the media like BMW owners do. I can't be the only one who's noticed this.

I was hoping to get some intelligent insight into our society or how it came to be BMW specifically (with some Porsche references I've heard here and there, I admit) that comes with such a stigma attached to it that seems to pervade in society. Again, there's Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and other super high-end automakers that cost more than BMWs that don't get picked on like BMW. Was there something that happened in the 80s with the yuppie image tied to BMW, with Mercedes and Audi somehow avoiding the whole thing? If so, how did that happen?
^ thats why people hate bmw drivers
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