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Originally Posted by subieworx View Post
Priceless thread. For anyone reading, don't do this if you want your car to handle well, turn well or have tires last longer than 2000 miles.

I get what you are doing and it actually seems like you do know (some) about aligning a car. Bet that tramlining would have gone away with the stock wheels...
No. Tramlining, would be reduced with stock wheels. All wider wheels do is increase the tramlining effects that are already there. I'll put money down my car handles, turns, and goes through tires just as well as the rest of the cars on this forum. I've had the car long enough to know how long tires last me when I don't mess around on them. They last ages. It's not a track car by any means, but I have my car handling exactly how I need it to for what I use it for. I get where you are coming from, but I've repeatedly stated how this only applies to a small population on the forums. It's much easier to criticize things when you haven't tried them and just go off habit. Nothing beats a shops alignment if done right, so don't think I am suggesting people to do their own in order to get a perfect alignment. I did this to reduce Ackerman effect paired with other aspects that I've already stated. My car isn't some drift machine. It's far from it. Open diff, low hp, etc. I compensate for this with know-how in suspension setups for what I want. For example I may run less toe-in in the rear, maybe even some toe-out, for the future in order to encourage my rear end to slide out easier. I basically like oversteer and getting sideways. Nothing else equates to it, or makes me as happy, when I'm driving. I simply have a love for drifting, even if it's just measly me in my 325i in the rain. Rain is the only way it works though, I will admit that. It helps reduce tire wear and gives me tons of practice time. I can do it in the dry all day, but definitely not in my car. Please just don't start with the open diff discussion because I'll squash it with plenty of videos keeping continuous drifts with mine. LSDs and Welded are so much easier, but opens work. They are just very unpredictable.
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