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Originally Posted by TwoDuckDad View Post
I need a refresh kit for my 01 330xi too but hate to replace a perfectly good control arm to get new ball joints. The guy who designed this should be shot. Too bad we don't get the same offering as our 2WD brothers who can buy a control arm with replacement ball joints.

Since mine is my daily driver and I plan to keep it for a while I'm likely going to buy the whole kit ready to bolt on to my car. Bavauto sells the entire kit including control arms, inner ball joints, new lolly pops with bushings pressed for $766.85. A far cry less expensive than a dealer or indy shop as I won't have to pay for any labor. Since everything is ready to unbolt and bolt on it should be a no brainer. BTW, if you buy the lolly pop brackets and bushings Bavauto presses them in for free.
This is the route I went. Although I purchased my kit from TMS rather than BavAuto... Price is about the same... I think I paid about $800 shipped.

It was a no brainer. Tedious & very very dirty however.
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