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Originally Posted by lrinco01 View Post
so as the customer, I have to continue to call, text, email and pm YOU to no avail.? thats Not good business practice.

i have not heard from you in 24 days. i dont have the time you do. the last communication i sent you and email telling you, instead of a 10" for my coupe, make a 12" for my lil brothers SEDAN since YOU Have a sedan. 24 days and no response until someone mentioned the idea of posting my frustration in one of your other FS THREADS and look, what do you know, you are ALIVE and responded asap. wow

so this is a better way to get at you then text or phone calls?

i would rather you finish what you said you would but if a refund is best then thank you
You emailed me and said your brother wanted one. Not that you didnt anymore... theres a difference. And maybe if you sent me another email or text, or pm I would have answered, or **** even called (I gave you every piece of contact info i have). I forget to reply to one email then Im automatically a thief? and thats after i updated you several times. Again, I stress, how can you say i stole your money when you havent even hinted that you wanted to end the transaction..?
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