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Dwades Progress Thread

whats up everyone? just looking for some advice and tips on my workout/diet.

i have a buddy who is a nutritionist/avid lifter and hes been giving me my workouts. each week he changes the workouts and this is my current weeks workout:

Monday chest
4x10 bench
3x8 reverse grip bench
2 x 5-1ís dumbbell incline
3x12,10,8, 12, standing high cable crossovers

Tuesday back
Lying hyperextensions 3x15 slow
3x10 wide grip pull-downs
2x10 reverse grip pull-downs
3x8 barbell row
3x10,6,10 deadlift

Wednesday legs
4x12,10,6,10 squats
1set of 20 front squat
3x10 superset leg press with db Romanian dl
3x10,8,15 leg extensions

Thursday shoulders
Tri set 3x10 db lateral raise, seated bent over laterals, standing db press
4x8 db shoulder press dropset the last two sets
3x10 shoulder shrugs

Friday arms
Superset 3x10 standing barbell curl, lying skull crusher
2 sets Dumbbell 21ís
superset 3x10 close-grip bench, dumbbell hammer curl

Every Day:
1 mile-walk/run
abs (i have a 20min routine)

My Diet consists mostly of chicken, rice, fish and veggies.

currently im not taking any supplements besides whey protein, but id like to try some other things that may help me with my overall gains.

i weigh (as of this morning) 157. ive dropped about 20ish lbs in the last few months and im not looking to lose anymore.

my goal is to be a lean/cut 175-180.

Any Tips & Advice?


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