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Originally Posted by basar13 View Post

I have never had anyone try to solve this issue on my car.

I dont have the budget to sacrifice my car to solve this problem. The car has never seen any effort to solve this. I waited for HPF and Pro-efi to solve it but they were both unsuccessful.

i can wait 2 weeks even 2 more months but who no one can guarantee this. It may take 6 more months and still go nowhere.

Thats why i choose the e46 m3 ecu and HPF/AEM ecu route. This is the proven method which is guaranteed to work.


Have you considered keeping all of the HPF hardware, and getting the DME custom tuned for your application?

You may find that the price of getting Mr.X to tune your car may be less than all of the changes you are looking at making. You may also be able to finance most of the cost of the custom DME tune by selling your existing EMS.
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