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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
Does it still vibrate at 2500 rpm in second if you push the clutch in quickly and hold it in while still traveling the same speed (whatever speed 2500 rpm in 2nd gear is)?

I think TC, clutch, or flywheel may be the issue.
Tried that this morning, as hard as it is to feel it due to the RPM instantly dropping once I push the clutch in I believe it actually goes away.

Appears that the vibration is there on acceleration/constant push on RPM.

Also I confirm its there in 1st gear once I hit 2.5k and up in the RPM range for shifting into 2nd.

Originally Posted by GSherbs View Post
Have you inspected your wheel bearings?

A long shot as I wouldn't expect failure here to cause vibration as much as outright noise but it sounds like you've already addressed the most likely issues.

Also take a look at your drive shafts (although you probably already have) - maybe they are out of balance some how?

I'm not 100% convinced that the ambient temperature isn't just a red herring.

Tough problem - hope you find it though - and, of course, let us know! Its rare around here for someone to have a completely unique problem.
Yah I was down by the driveshaft earlier this year and not quite sure how you can even tell if the thing is out of balance?

No strange noise coming from wheels that would indicate wheel bearings..
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