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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
How do you like working out 5 days a week? Good that you have a solid friend who can help you.

Sounds like your diet is good, what about beef? What's your fat intake like, and from what sources (besides the fish)

If your diet is in check like you say, don't worry about supplements for now, you will still get great gains without wasting energy/money on them. Just need fish oil supplements, a good sport multivitamin, and whey protein. Since you are from Seattle area, I would suggest a Vitamin D supplement as I doubt you are getting enough from sunlight / food etc.

You are going to have to eat a LOT more than you are currently used to doing. To lose 20 lbs, you were at a deficit, most likely around 500 calories a day. So you now need to cover that 500, plus add 500 more... so an additional 1000 calories a day. About two more meals than you are eating, to make it simple I would just increase the portions in the meal pattern you are currently eating.

Maybe give some more details on your average day meal frequency wise, and what is in each meal, and what time you train etc.

i was excercising 6-7 days when i was overseas since there was nothing to do. thats why i lost so much. but i dont mind working out 5days now that im back home...gives me something to do after work.

the problem im having now is finding places to eat that arent fast food. im rarely at my house to prep meals ahead of time so its either fast food or sit down restaurants and that can get pricey.

yesterday was my first day back to work so i need to figure out a good meal schedule...this is what i did yesterday

breakfast/morning 6am-11pm:
protein shake

lunch 11am-12pm:
chicken wrap
chicken caesar salad

workout 330-430

dinner 8pm:
2 chicken breast
couscous with spinach
cup of home chili

i was at my buddy (the nutritionist) house so he made me dinner...it was kinda late and i was starving...

i honestly need some kinda snacks or something i can eat in between meals. while i was gone i feel like i sped up my metabolism since i was eating about 5 small meals and 1 big one everyday


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