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Originally Posted by OrisuE46 View Post
i was excercising 6-7 days when i was overseas since there was nothing to do. thats why i lost so much. but i dont mind working out 5days now that im back me something to do after work.

the problem im having now is finding places to eat that arent fast food. im rarely at my house to prep meals ahead of time so its either fast food or sit down restaurants and that can get pricey.

yesterday was my first day back to work so i need to figure out a good meal schedule...this is what i did yesterday

breakfast/morning 6am-11pm:
protein shake

lunch 11am-12pm:
chicken wrap
chicken caesar salad

workout 330-430

dinner 8pm:
2 chicken breast
couscous with spinach
cup of home chili

i was at my buddy (the nutritionist) house so he made me was kinda late and i was starving...

i honestly need some kinda snacks or something i can eat in between meals. while i was gone i feel like i sped up my metabolism since i was eating about 5 small meals and 1 big one everyday
It seems like the biggest hurdle for you to have sustainable change will be learning to manage your time to allow for home cooked meals 80% minimum of the time. If you don't eat 80% of your meals made in your kitchen, I can pretty much guarantee you will either stagnate weight wise best case, or balloon back to where you were.

The good news is forget about "stoking the metabolic fire" bs. A cool technique called interminent fasting has pretty much disproven the "6 meals a day" recommendation. Cliffs of this technique (works wonders for fat loss) is you eat all your meals in an 8 hour window, could be two huge meals, three big meals, 4 medium meals etc... doesnt matter as long as its in or around an 8 hour window... meaning you don't have any food for 16 hours. A practical example would be you eat at noon until 8 pm... so after dinner / snack at 8 you wouldn't eat until lunch (no breakfast) the next day.

This technique doesn't allow much time for overeating, and it makes sense from a scientific standpoint too. If your body is healthy and full of nutrients, and doesn't have any immediate food source... it goes to its backup (Fat stores). When you are constantly snacking and feeding yourself, the body A) learns to depend on a constant food source and B) is constantly focusing on burning dietary food instead of fat stores

Wanted to get your head away from the eating often technique recommended by most people (and most likely your nutritionist buddy).

This is good news, because instead of worrying about eating all the time, you can focus on what works for YOU. I'm not saying to do interminent fasting, but you should focus on cooking yourself breakfast (eggs/bacon, not cereal) and dinner. I am very busy myself, but I plan my cooking for me and my live-in GF every night... I cook foods that make great leftovers, so my dinner is cooked every night and I make 4 servings... two for our dinner, and two for our lunch the next day.

Sometimes you have to go out and eat lunch, which is where you should focus on going to places that have food in its most natural state... ie sit down restaurants, and being smart with food choices.

Before I get even more carried away, just list some restaurants you were thinking of I can try and help you make better decisions. And list the barriers you have to cooking your own food the majority of the time... its just so critical to success you need to find a way to get it done.
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