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Originally Posted by Stickbuilder View Post
It must make you haters feel good to find a target rich thread like this. How bout this.................You silly asses with 3 pedals bought an old used car that was 1700 bucks cheaper than the Step equipped car. Sorry that you are such a broke ass biotch, and couldn't afford a more expensive model. Oh, and you still have to change the transmission oil and, yep you will have several clutches to go through, and then there is the known shifter problem and ............there is more. Sure you want to go down this road? We can get into the rear subframe mount problem that is more prevalent with the manual transmission equipped POS too. You really sure? C'mon punk, make my day.........
Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Are you so insecure that you have to convince yourself your better than others simply because you were able to afford a $1500 option on one of the lowest end BMWs? Get over yourself, your car was barely $40k when new... Doesnt exactly make you 1% material there... And frankly, you're 3x older than most of us. It'd be plain sad if you couldn't afford more expensive toys than those of us who are just getting started with their careers.

Fwiw, in the case of both cars I've purchased, I paid around $2-3k more than a than the fair market value of a comparable automatic. I don't think I'd do that if I were only buying a manual because that's all my broke ass could afford. It would actually have been cheaper for me to buy an SMG model and convert it to a manual than to buy the manual outright. But my time was worth more to me than the small savings.

Originally Posted by Stickbuilder View Post
The difference is that I bought mine new. You did not. Mine was a little more than you suggested too. That's okay, you probably were not old enough to know what prices were back then. Oh, and we also have a few newer cars including a New Bimmer too. I just like my old Touring well enough to keep it.
Haha wow. You sir might possibly be the biggest h0mo on this site. Which I gotta say is pretty hard to do considering up until a few minutes ago I thought I was the only h0mo here.

I would like to point out that I don't have a problem with steps. I personally don't prefer them but that doesn't mean they still aren't a great car and an awesome E46. There are also some advantages not to mention can be convenient. However my preferences gear me towards a manual.

You have your views which I completely respect. I definitely don't agree, but you are entitled to your own opinion without me calling you out. Unless of course you turn into a raging idiot talking anyone down with a different opinion as if you are some Divine BMW god sent from the holyland.

Maybe you are unaware but a 1700 add on depreciates just like the overall value of the car so when buying an E46 today after factoring in today's current depreciation rate combined with options overall impact on resale value and the preferences of most drivers looking for these cars. Congrats your 1700 dollar investment is now worth $0 and in some cases to -1000 give or take.

Transmission oil really? Because clearly your car lacks a transmission and clearly manual owners have been jumping for joy that we don't have to change our transmission oil causing you to feel need to point it out in protest.
So basically I guess what your saying is an overwhelming majority of fanatics on this forum are broke as biotches? I guess we are all 14 year old girls too because I don't think I've heard no one else use that word.

Several clutches? Interesting theory considering I'm about to hit 120,000 am my clutch is just as strong as as my buddy's who replaced his 700miles ago.

Know shifter problem is also interesting considering this is my 4th E46 and I've never had an issue.

Rear subframe mount more prevalent? You mean to say steps can experience this problem too?!

TerraPhantam wasn't old enough to know correct prices? Is it really his fault you let the dealer rape you for few extra coins?

Interesting how its ok for you to like your old used touring enough to keep but it somehow becomes a problem when I want to buy one?

But what would I know? I'm just a silly ass h0mo who bought an old used 3 pedal BMW because I couldn't afford the "1700" dollar more step equipped car.

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