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Agreed with some of what's been said. Overall not bad, but definitely some things I would change not only with diet but your workout as well. For example, squats the day after deads would be a big no for me. However, you did say changes it each weekly, so it is what it is. However, keep in mind that although variation is good, constantly changing your workout all the time isn't great either. You need something solid to gauge your performance and progress on. On the other hand, lol @ hitting your abs everyday.

If you're serious about hitting your goals though, then get need to get serious about your diet as well. Not having time to prep or plan out your meals is just an excuse... Make time. Have to eat out? Make better food choices while at restaurants and practice portion control. Meal frequency? Whatever works for you... Whether you prefer smaller meals spread out throughout the day or a couple larger meals, either will do fine as long as you focus on eating for your goals. That's what's important.
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