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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
AH. And he doesnt have as much HP either. Maybe he will be OK. then. I heard the idle video...not horrible. Its so hard to tell from videos. Impossible to tell anything about drone, but ilde was pretty nice.

Yes. Muffler plus cut out just makes so much sense. Except my exit is just a few feet in back of the front seats. I know that is not going to work. For me anyways, the exit must be ALL the way in the back. I cant tell you how annoying a mid car cut out exit is. "Want to never use it" bad.
It can be changed like anything else.

Congrats on finally getting your exhaust reconciled. I felt for you having to wear ear plugs all the time. Having a good muffler will make driving a much more enjoyable experience.
Dave what does hp have to do with how loud a car is

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