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I have a knife maker client that got me hooked on knives - I probably have about 40 of them and I've been carrying a knife every single day for the last 8 years or so. I also work primarily at home on a few acres so (i) I can carry whatever I want without scaring anyone - switchblades, big fixed knives, whatever, and (ii) I actually use a knife daily for stuff like cutting hay bales and basic fix it stuff. For the last 18 months, I've been carrying this pretty much nonstop:

Queen Mountain Man with D2 steel blade and jigged bone handles. It's the same dimensions as a Buck 110 - 8.6" long open, 3.7" blade or so, but it's much slimmer and rounded off, so it totally disappears in my pocket. The blade is really beefy and D2 is practically indestructible for hard use. I even use it to split 2x6 lumber into kindling when camping, believe it or not. I have a lot of Benchmades, Al Mars, a few Spydercos and a ton of other random knives, including the aforementioned switchblades and fixed knives . . . but this thing is hands down my favorite. Something else to consider.

I wound up taking fine sandpaper to the blade of mine to give it a hand rubbed finish. I also put a convex (axe) edge on it.

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