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Originally Posted by Edgar3498 View Post
So I'm running Bosch green top injectors 42lb i think thats 440 cc
Im thinking of going up to 600cc to make the same hp that im making now in my head it makes no sense. My goal is 420 rwhp more or less so i will be going 1000cc is this reasonable
Regarding injectors, I think it's worth noting that not all injectors are created equal.

Here is a thread of HPF testing their ID2000

It's worth noting two things.

1. There is more to injectors than just their flow rating, atomization of fuel help with better combustion. With more atomization, it's easier for the fuel to phase change to a gaseous state during the compression cycle. That's obviously interesting because that phase change cools the mix.

2. As boost increases, you should also increase fuel pressure since the effective pressure is actually the difference in boost to fuel pressure. If you run 70PSI fuel pressure and 20 PSI of boost, the fuel pressure is 50PSI relative to the intake pressure.

While you may not want injectors this large, you certainly want something like this but scaled down. At around minute 13:00 of the video John starts to compares a couple of other injectors including the OEM S54 BMW part. At minute 15 he shows a 1k cc generic injector.

Maybe something like this?

Does anyone know if these ID1000 will have idle issues on a 3 liter I6?

Is about 800 hps on gasoline and perhaps 600 on E85 a good estimate?
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