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Originally Posted by Zellner View Post
You emailed me and said your brother wanted one. Not that you didnt anymore... theres a difference. And maybe if you sent me another email or text, or pm I would have answered, or **** even called (I gave you every piece of contact info i have). I forget to reply to one email then Im automatically a thief? and thats after i updated you several times. Again, I stress, how can you say i stole your money when you havent even hinted that you wanted to end the transaction..?
Maybe this will Jar your memory:

I emailed you this on 4 Oct:

whats the deal bro?

mr. green pm'd me on FB telling me he called you on sunday, you picked up and hung up. he said: you texted right after asking " who is this"? he explained and your response was: your @ a game and will call him back.

Monday came and went and no call. tuesday he texted you again and no response. its now friday.

I do not have time to play any games Greg. i like to see progress however slow or gradual but progress when my hard earned money is involved.

where are you with my enclosure?

I ask that so you can Now make it a 12" enclosure for my brother since he has this type of time you are trying to take with this enclosure build.

I think i have found someone else to make me what i want".

Does any of that sound familiar to you?

was I NOT clear that i may have found someone else to build me the enclosure i want.

did i not make it clear that it would be best for you to make a 12" enclosure for a sedan and noted 3 reasons

I never got a response to that email either.

I can not do business with people like you.

for the record, i never called you a thief. i said YOu can not be trusted to do what you say your going to do.

and you also mentioned that i do not have a consistent phone number to call me back on...LMFAO... greg i am in AFGHANISTAN! Do you know what that means?

still, you have not responded to my email

still, i have no update or the truth on where you are with my enclosure. at this piont i want nothing from you but my money back. you young man simply are irresponsible.
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