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I just received a response from the person at remoteoverstock and he has explained his case and will have his stores link re added back to the thread. The seller has done nothing wrong. I too have never claimed that the remote was a genuine oem bmw key. The reason I got the seller told me made sense. Technically, only bmw themselves are the only ones who can provide real oem keys. Any other seller who claims to be able to sell you uncut virgin blank keys as oem would in fact be lying. This thread was never written for the purpose of providing anybody with oem keys. It was to show how you could make your own without having to go to bmw. I did exact that and neither intended to push or advertise any of the product being used. I was only providing a step by step guide on what worked for me, and if you did exactly what I did, I'm sure the results would be the same. Again, I found the seller to have not done anything wrong, nor ever claim to have authentic virgn keys. The product was described exactly as what I got in the mail. I was simply seeking a seller who guaranteed their product, which he did. He has told me on multiple accounts a refund was granted to Mousa but complication had occurred but i will not release any further details. The seller has been invited to the thread to defend his case further if he wishes to clear his name however, please both of you keep in mind this would not be the appropriate setting to carry out a full blown disagreement on.
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