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Originally Posted by metal massager View Post
Cool, Thx for posting your experiences. Really want to do the elect fan, but all the overheating problems worry me. Will look into it a bit more. Will start searching the other things you mentioned as well. If I could get 29 I will be super happy. Thx again.
there isn't much you are going to be able to do, getting up to 29 is possible, but not promising... as others said, remove the heavy wheels, and if you deem appropriate, take some weight out of the car. Use cruise control, constant speed is much more important than most think.

I drive my car (330Ci) spirited at times, i usually accelerate a tad faster than the normal person, and i have a 3.38 diff with 19's. I am averaging exactly at 24.0 mpg, i rarely use cruise control, and i keep my car fairly clean on the inside/trunk, so not much extra weight.
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