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Thanks for the Feedback Dave! Most of that is Covered already. You can see the Intake Manifold that's going on the car on FSR's Site, they just built it on the Shop M3, but with Bigger Runners for my car.

I'm not sure what they are planning for the fuel system yet, apart from doing a large Surge Tank to handle the volume needed for E85.

I'm not going to say which turbo yet, but it's bigger than a 71. So it should be a do-able goal.

Probably having a custom Diff Built to handle the power + use it as a way to help tune the gearing. I'm probably going to drag the car at first, but then I want to build it for roll on racing and perhaps the Texas Mile. =P

FSR is taking care of most of the details for me, as they know their ****, so I'm not super aware of things like which fitting choices they made etc. They want to make as much power or more than I do, so I kind of let them have free reign. They have built a car for me previously, so I have a lot of faith in those guys. They do good work.

Either way, I appreciate the feedback! I'm looking forward to having a monster of a Coupe! =p
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