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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions. Any thoughts on Emerson?
My gut thoughts on Emerson are they are primarily targeted towards people looking for tactical and self-defense style knives. They're popular with cops. Ernie Emerson's custom knives are insanely expensive - like >$1k for what other custom makers charge $500.

The little metal tab at the top of the blade is designed so that it will catch on your pocket, opening the knife as you remove it from your pocket. I don't really like this for a couple of reasons:

It shreds your pocket.

It requires tip-up carry, which means that upon removing the now-open knife from your pocket, you are holding it at the base between your thumb and forefinger and you have to reposition the knife in your hand before using it - which is awkward. Tip up carry also means that if it opens slightly in your pocket your fingers are toast.

If you don't do it just right, you have a half-open blade caught on your clothing.
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