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Originally Posted by filipinoise View Post
Hmm... Anyone experiencing the same thing? I'm strongly considering this as I've already got the USA-Spec PA12-BMW and am now just currently waiting for my 30-pin to Lightning adapter to come in the mail from Apple so I can use it with my iPhone 5. Since the iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6 out of the box, I'd like to use Bluetooth/Siri/etc. while also listening to music while the iPhone is charging if I were to purchase the CK3000.

Has anyone been able to get things situated?
I've tested a friend's iPhone 5 with my USA-Spec PA12 (with lightning to dock adapter) and it works just fine; including the steering wheel buttons. I totally forgot to check bluetooth operability though.

I'm still at a loss on what I should do about my situation after the Parrot update. I miss having bluetooth in my car. I may just bite the bullet and pick up another kit off ebay.

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