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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
I just learned front squats myself only two months ago, you need to go light enough that you could control the bar in case it slips (it won't) but heavy enough that you can feel when you have proper form / especially when you don't.

I used the cross armed grip at first...

but I found when I tried to go up in weight it was killing my collarbone so I learned the "clean grip" (I want to learn cleans anyways)

Just get your wrists in that position, stretch them a bit, and let the bar sit on your chest/shoulders. Focus on maintaining your elbows up throughout the lift, ESPECIALLY when you are in the squat position, they will tend to want to go down, this is where the weight can put all the pressure on your forearms (and it hurts).

I'm obviously not a front squat expert, and I know M3Inline6 has recently learned them as well and is going much heavier than me, however the above tips worked wonders for my front squat.
im very familiar with cleans. did them throughout high school when i played football. but i guess im just worried about me falling over or the bar slipping. those shoes i got definitely help out your technique and make it more comfortable to squat.


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