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So as this thread stated, I purchased a pair of Morimoto D2S 4300k headlight bulbs and as promised here's a quick overview of what I've found. Note my car is a facelift 330xi with AL headlights, completely stock. I have allowed these bulbs to break in for two weeks or ~50 hours.

- The color match is great, 4300k color is spot on and both bulbs are the same color.
- First shipment came in with a broken ceramic rod. TRS fixed this problem quickly and sent me a replacement. Props to them for the great service.
- Brightness is terrible. Seriously, these are no brighter (maybe even less bright) than the 8.5 year old OEM bulbs the car rolled off the assembly line with. I honestly expected a noticeable increase in brightness but I was very disappointed.

Overall, if I were to do this again I wouldn't buy them and I'd just get the Philips ones only because of the brightness. But most of you already knew that.

I think I might still just get the Philips ones and throw these away, the brightness is seriously that disappointing.
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