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Originally Posted by LittleBear View Post
& the biggest e-thug, the biggest crybaby, the most infantile little chit I now see is...Lemon31987. He sounds like his mommy just weaned him.

Sorry, but this brat needs to grow up, man up, & look in the mirror. I feel sorry for any shop that has to deal with a pink-pants narcissist like him.

Pot meet kettle.

Who are you to say what Lennon31987's experience was like? I don't recall him ever mentioning you tet you attack him because you're a fanboy of the shop he had a bad experience with.

YOU are the one that needs to grow up. I've been to impressive myself and was less than impressed, by both the customer service and what I saw at the shop. But let me guess, you had a couple spark plugs changed or a water pump and impressive is amazing right? I read his post, and Lennon was having serious engine work that requires skill, knowledge, and being meticulous and bottom line is not only did they fail to deliver but they didn't make things right.

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