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Originally Posted by Zell View Post

That's convincing enough for me. Green location it is.
Eh... I'd take anything BavAuto says with a grain of salt. They're just a vendor with the ability to blog. For the trillionth time, those are NOT frame rails. If you ever see a video on how cars are constructed, the entire unibody is stamped from sheet metal or sheet aluminum. Although those parts are "boxed" for strength (half boxed really), they're not meant to take concentrated loads the size of a jackpad. If you lifted the entire "rail" evenly on BOTH sides of the car, that may be permissible. But even then, I'd try not to. I've seen those deformed on BMWs before from botched jacking attempts. I've seen a camry drivers seat tilt to one side due to someone trying to jack on the "frame rail."

They're not frame rails. These cars are NOT body-on-frame design. There is no frame.
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