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Originally Posted by 04yfz View Post
Pot meet kettle.

Who are you to say what Lennon31987's experience was like? I don't recall him ever mentioning you tet you attack him because you're a fanboy of the shop he had a bad experience with.

YOU are the one that needs to grow up. I've been to impressive myself and was less than impressed, by both the customer service and what I saw at the shop. But let me guess, you had a couple spark plugs changed or a water pump and impressive is amazing right? I read his post, and Lennon was having serious engine work that requires skill, knowledge, and being meticulous and bottom line is not only did they fail to deliver but they didn't make things right.
I'm not saying what lemon's experience was like. What I am saying is that the boy should get a life & realize that there is more to the story than his self centered opinion.
Go on Yelp & see if you can find a shop without some detractors. Seems Impressive has pleased many people on this forum, and gone above & beyond in helping folks. My opinion is that lemon is very hard to please, maybe impossible to please when he gets a chip on his shoulder. Maybe lemon reaps what he sows. He made his point long ago, and is now acting like a little jerk. I would show him the door if I had a shop, and someday you might see that his behavior is excessive.
FWIW, I change my own spark plugs, water pumps, tie rods, RTAB, FCAB, etc, so guess again. I can do more than just whine. I have brought my car to Impressive when I don't have the time or inclination to do the job. They are the best shop I have had the pleasure to deal with, period. I have never gone to one of their 'Fanboy" functions, or posted 'Fanboy" junk. But I know a good mechanic when I see him, and will stick up for such a person.
I've been rebuilding BMWs, engine hop-ups included, dealing with mechanics & machine shops since 1974. Were you children born by then? It doesn't sound like it.

"The Indian smiles, he thinks that the cowboy is his friend. The cowboy smiles, he is glad the Indian is fooled. Now he can exploit him"

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