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Originally Posted by Zardoz33 View Post
'Eh it's alright, just a tad frustrating. It's ironic how earlier the same day I made my previous post my uncle said: "I hope it doesn't give you issues because my BMW was a nightmare!" and went on to tell about an hour's worth of horror stories. Then, literally right when I got home and pulled in the driveway is when I heard that idle bely pulley noise & leaking p.s. fluid. I think he jinxed me. lol

My led tails came in today so at least that was some good news. The regulator looks like a very easy fix from the vids I've seen. Under $100 for an non-oem branded one. I'm aware of the cheap knockoffs and somewhat shoddy quality, but honestly I could care less at this point. Better than paying the $240 a local shop quoted me.
I got a window regulator for my driver rear window for $30 off eBay works just fine and was easy to install
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