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Thanks guys!

After a couple of weeks waiting, these finally showed up today:

They are HRE 504's in 16x8. I maybe end up building them up to 8.5 or 9 depending on how the offsets work out with the 5-lug conversion. I need to source some new center caps and repaint/polish, but they are pretty clean with no curb rash. Some more pics:

Test fitting, can't bolt them up to the subframe yet but this is roughly what they should look like:

I also got a new TIG torch, with a flexible head. Very handy for getting into tight spots or just making a more comfortable welding position.

And with it I finished gusseting the hood mounts.

Then to finish off the night I fabricated the mounts for the oil cooler and radiator:

The upper OC mounts are just tabs that come off the front support bar:

The radiator mounts to the tie bar, one on each end. I will also be making an upper support bracket to hold the top in place.

Nose panel bolted back up with everything else in place:

Here you can see the oil cooler behind the kidney grills. Worked out well with the cooler on it's side, the slates are vertical and match the lines of the grill.

Next up is the fab the lower oil cooler mount (it's only bolted in by the top right now) and the other radiator support. Then I will brace the mounting points on the front frame assembly and strip the nose panel for metal repair and some bracing.
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