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Originally Posted by A4RingedONE8T View Post
I keep reading your lengthy responses and continue to wonder, wtf. Who do you think has the funds to either 1, afford to build a manifold in solidworks or cad in order to test for hot spots, turbulance, etc. throughout the manifold or 2 afford to have a shop build a one off with these requirements. You're not talking about a 2 or 3k manifold to do these things. Designing such manifold in solidworks and carrying out the tests you have been inquiring about costs more than that just in itself, before you even have a real manifold. To do what you're asking you're talking about a 10-15k manifold said and done, for one, or a few manifolds. Please ... it's just not gonna happen. Who are you kidding? The only company close to carrying out a plan like you are requesting for all these builds is possibly Full Race, and with only the possibility of 10, 15, hell even 20 manifolds MAYBE being sold, they wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole. I think you need to bring your requests back down to reality and realize what it takes to make what you're talking about. Even getting a manifold exact from a cad/solidworks drawing to real life, that isn't even happening unless you're cutting each piece of the manifold with a CNC. I don't know many, if any, that even do that, whether it's built from a drawing or not.

Regarding the wheels, are sure you know everything about his platform??? The Z3M will eat an 11 or 11.5" wheel in the back for breakfast, and laugh at the 275 that you have to shoe horn under the E46 M3. I've personally seen a 13" wide wheel with a 335 on the back of a Z3M Coupe. Only body work required was the fenders rolled

If this car even makes it to 1,000whp, it will be the most sketchy car to drive on the face of the planet. The E30 rear suspension design unfortunately ruins the performance of the car with big power. Car squats, it toes out. Whichever tire grabs harder pulls the back of the car that direction. Catch it, straighten it out. Good luck, you have a split second and its facing the opposite direction. This isn't an E46 M3, it's a Miata, with probably shittier suspension than an actual Miata. It's a much shorter wheel base than an M3, spins like a top, and the rear end floats better than some boats I've been on. Top that off with a weaker rear subframe design than the E46 M3 and you've picked the worst possible chassis to haul ass.

That being said, I love my Z3M, and I'd love to run this car once it's done. I'd bet some money I would be right with him on only 600whp. Mid, high 5's on the ground is really all this car can safely handle and actually use over and over again. We'll see how George's 1142whp Z3M Coupe does in the mile very shortly, I'm sure he'll be the first to say that a mile runway or similar is the only place he will be using that much power!

I admire you and your work and bow to your vastly superior knowledge on this car. Thank you for setting things straight.
I am a huge fan of Shawn and his work. I would listen very closely to anything this man has to say.

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