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Originally Posted by jneumann View Post
4.0 is a huge difference over 2.3. Major refinements, everything runs smoother, etc. 4.1 is even better.

Also, those specs are total bullsh1t. I had a first gen Galaxy S and it ran considerably better with 4.0 than 2.2/2.3 and has quite a bit lower specs. (256mb RAM, ~800Mhz proc, slow as **** GPU)

Unlike Apple crap, every new major Android release has run faster than the previous version on old hardware. If these are actually running 4.0, it gives them a HUGE advantage over the Android 2.2 Dynavin crap. Bring it up to 4.1 and the Dynavin isn't even worth considering anymore.
I didn't say that there is no difference between Android versions. It's to optimistic to believe that szenco will post firmware with android 4 or bug fixes for current B046 unit. What should I do with my crappy android 2.3 in that case?!
You are comparing Samsung hardware which was developed by the bunch of engineers with the Szenco engineers, which manufacture low quality devices (as 90% of noname chinese manufactures do).

OK, i'm too pessimistic

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