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Originally Posted by Merritt07 View Post
Well, in the event my car is totaled, here is what I'm going to try to pick up:

Here is some info on the car:
"125xxx I performed the rebuild myself I don't like other people doing my work don't really trust others about 7,000 since rebuild the suspension is in great condition new m3 bushings and lowering springs the flywheel and clutch are stock they were in great shape so I didn't replace them but I'm actually thinking about putting in a new clutch very soon.the clutch is still in great shape but the throw out bearing is starting to make noise so that's on my list it has dinan chip k&n filter also with exhaust (quiet) no rust on shock towers shocks are great also new ball joints alignment control arms it also has every alpina badge and looks.....last time i checked guibo looked ok (8months ago)...brakes and wheel bearings are good the only wiring issue I've noticed is the temp gauge likes to jump and move back n forth if you tap on the speedo it jumps around its a common problem"

Sounds pretty good to me. If my car gets totaled, I'll see about getting a PPI on that car. It would be sweet to buy back my car, pull the motor and drop her into the E30, but I'd take the car as is.

Only thing I have to figure out is how I'm going to manage securing a loan on it. :\ Anyone have any tips?
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