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Originally Posted by Tiago View Post
In europe the cars already has from factory a different SMG software than US cars spec. Not to sure if what you call CSL software it isn't already the SMG software for euro cars spec.

Anyway, thanks for your input.
You are right. Sort of. The Euro SMG is quite a bit better than the US version. You get a much better launch RPM too in the Launch Mode.

The CSL software is the last step up in software. There is nothing faster. It pretty much maxes out the SMG capabilities. It is definitely faster than what you have, however. All this was carefully explained by the gentleman who offers the CSL DIY software for no charge. Vodyk or something like that is his name. he is actually on an M5 board but offers M3 CSL software too.

If you are happy with your Euro version then stay with what you got.
I recommend staying away from any dealer updates to your SMG. They have a tendency to detune rather than enhance your SMG. At least that is the situation here in the USA. Mine was HORRIBLE by the third update. I was livid because they said they could not undo it. That is why I got the CSL software. It was like night and day. Incredible!

Enjoy my friend. Drive safely, but in the FAST lane!

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