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FCP contacted KW/their vendor, and KW willing to replace the entire kit at this point. I'll have to place a deposit for a new kit, receive it, install it, and send back the old kit to get the deposit back. Dissapointing part, I'll have to cover shipping costs if I choose this option. Since I'm not a wholesaler, I don't have access to lower shipping rates. This will mean approx. $160 out of pocket expenses.

I'm not sure of what to do at this point.. Warranty the 1 deffective strut, no expense. Or ship the entire kit back for $160 + deposit.
That said, I don't feel comfortable sending KW my kit after reading this thread:
My (biased) fear is that they'll nitpick and try to find a reason to reject my old coilovers as part of the deal.

Interesting how all of the sudden issues with these kits presented themselves, in a relativley short span of time. Seems like a bad batch to me.
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