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Originally Posted by bmwknightm3 View Post
So I did this mod: Car drives fine, but then after a while the gearbox light comes on and it shifts to "N" - Hydraulic fluid temperature sensor issue search forums for the resistor fix. (~$30)

but car still drops me into Neutral - Why do ppl do that mod? And how much is the hydro temp sensor anyways? Maybe I should just buy that piece? If it is attached to the SMG pump then my pump is new and I dont see how it would already be failing... PLEASE HELP!
It honestly could be a host of different things. The temp sensor is just the most common issue associated with that behavior. Have you had your cars codes read yet?

To answer the question though, people do the mod because the temp sensor is prone to failing, so why replace a failure prone part with another failure prone part? The resistor mod is less expensive and more relieble.

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