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The temp hovering around 95 seems about right...but it could be a few degrees high depending on what you're doing at the time. I'll really only see 95-7 when I'm idling a bit or driving very slowly after reaching op temp.

Thus, my questions would be what components did you use? Did you replace temp sensor, check belts/pulleys, use OE coolant mixed with distilled?

My random guess is that the thermostat is, I hope, aftermarket, maybe an aluminum housing with crappy electronics. If you used such a therm, that'd be my guess.

Also have to said you thought your therm was stuck open before, but that the needle was 'right' of center...meaning overheating. If therm was stuck open, the needle would be to the left of dead center. Please clarify.

Keep monitoring temp using cluster...monitor coolant level, because it will drop after major work, even if you bled properly.

HTH...last thing I'd think is a gauge problem, unless you had cluster off to do some silly which case, check the cluster connections.

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