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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
Oh brother. You're seriously going to argue that pinch welds are NOT a safe place to put jack stands? Really? Call any mechanic right now and ask them if pinch welds are okay to use. In fact, the other night I called BavAuto about this same question, and they said pinch welds are a valid jack stand location and jack point with an adapter.. They also said that even though the reinforcement plate square crushes, it is under the subframe and is more than enough to handle the weight of the car. They've got over 200 years of BMW experience. I trust their word.

What's the reason for hipster jack points? Because I can't find any other way to slide a jack stand under the rubber jack pad. That's why. I need a way to lift the car up high enough to put a jack stand on the rubber pad.

Whether you like it or not, that is a safe jack location, and pinch welds are also a safe jack location.

All it took was a few days, talking to some engineers and mechanics, and a little research to figure this stuff out.

It's not designed for jacking, but it can still work safely. That's all that matters. I don't care if I'm using something that it's not designed for: it's safe and it works.

You've yet to provide me with a compelling argument other than "BMW said so.". They've gotta save their own asses too - of course they're not goin to say "You can use these other points that aren't specifically designed for jacking but joe work anyway." They're going to say to use the exact places designed for it. The dealer does stuff by the book.
Nope. Not buying it. Again, why are you trying to get creative and make up your own jack points? Do you open your door with a coat hanger? Fill your tires with garlic-infused air? Start your car by push-starting it?

Why are you even considering alternative methods for tasks which are so easily carried out by methods that are easily and readily verifiable as safe? Are you on a mission to create some sort of alternative jacking league?

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