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Its a 300CD - Very desirable. Great cars I had about seven throughout my life. Currently looking for a Diesel W116 (tough to find they only made them in 79 and 80).

A/C can be problematic but may not be that important where you live.

Look for rust around the trunk (top corners) and the rocker panels.

Also, make sure the door locks function, everything is vacuum based so there can be trouble at certain points. Lock and un-lock from the doors and the trunk. If they work they wont be super fast but if one locks really slowly that would indicate a leak in the system.

Pay attention to the door alignment. They are heavy and some have a tenancy to sag later in life.

Comparatively speaking the turbo coupe is lightening quick compared to the sedan. There is also a lot of tweaking you can do to the ALDA in these cars that can add a lot of power.
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