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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
no. this thread is for my sister. but lets just say it's for my brother because of "pics or GTFO"
She's also a minor. so i expect pedo bear now
You are a good brother....

How about this...........

How about a bakery that offers old style butcher meat ?

I know that the two are not normally found under the same roof, but if there was a place I could find that sold 'cows/pigs' to order, I would be there.

There are places in the country where you can 'buy a cow' or half a cow and the butcher will cut it up for you. They cut it up into steaks, stew, hamburger ribs, etc.... and you have enough beef to last a year. Most of the cows are grass fed (not the corn fed feedlots that are popular) and they are not soaked in water.
The beef tastes better and it is cheaper per pound that what you would pay at WM, Target etc...

I think the people that shop for bakery products would be the same ones that would be interested in high quality beef, pork and chicken like this.

I want to do this, but I need to get a freezer first.
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