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Well, my Michelin PS+ A/S were dry rotting and chunking off, so my friend let me use his 335 M-Sport rims while I order new rubber since he was storing them at my place anyway.

I think it looks pretty nice. No rub, nice fitment, perfectly flush. Unfortunately it's snowing here as I type this, and tires are everything. RE050As in the winter, staggered on an AWD setup. Winter mode, engage!

Still haven't figured out the AFRs perfectly. Powerflex bushings are in and they feel amazing. Sadly one control arm ball joint wouldn't pop out even when pursuaded with a pitman puller and 250ftlb impact wrench, then a pickle fork on an air hammer. Then I broke the puller. Didn't budge one bit. Appointment tomorrow for my shop to have at it with a 20-ton press. Still need to do transmission fluid and xfer case fluid. It's hard to correlate the car's level of wear with miles now since so much of it is new.

Also, it's looking like I'll get to have a go at Laguna Seca in my creation come summer 2013.
AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
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