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I didn't say that there is no difference between Android versions. It's to optimistic to believe that szenco will post firmware with android 4 or bug fixes for current B046 unit. What should I do with my crappy android 2.3 in that case?!
You are comparing Samsung hardware which was developed by the bunch of engineers with the Szenco engineers, which manufacture low quality devices (as 90% of noname chinese manufactures do).

OK, i'm too pessimistic
The problem with the b046 and b146 is not the unit itself , As some of the internal components are quiet good. The Main Issue is the low budget internal software they use.

It still likely uses a SoC from a major manufacturer since these noname chinese manufactures would never have the resources to design their own SoC. The Dynavin uses a TI OMAP SoC, for example. The crappy Android build it is running could probably be fixed by building an AOSP ROM for it, but I'm betting it's in the same place as the Dynavin, having no touchscreen drivers available to us so we wouldn't be able to build a fully functional kernel.
You are Correct about this...
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